5 Tips to Select a Perfect Digital Photographer for Your Wedding

Photography is an integral part of a wedding. This is the bird’s eye view of the proceedings, the documenter of images, the archive of the event. In short, years from now, even after the memory has faded, there is still the record of the wedding and the reception. Finding a person who will deliver on this event is not hard, it just has to be perfect. You can follow these tips to find the perfect digital photographer for your wedding:


The wedding photographer has to have a rapport. He should be able to understand how the bride and groom feels and be able to convey this feeling onto the pictures. He should be able to draw out emotions from the participants and attendees, and capture these in the right light and context. Without rapport between the digital photographer and the subject, the picture would be bland.dedicated-photographers-1__700

2.Unique portfolio

When you search through social media, especially on Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram for wedding pictures, you would see recurring themes. These include the blushing bride, the flowing veil and train, the groomsmen, and the bridesmaids, relatives, and so on. You can see that these all look the same, only the faces are different. Same pose, same fixed smile, and nothing to distinguish one wedding portfolio from another.Your wedding is unique because it involves you and your partner. If the photographer’s portfolio is unique across all his weddings, or even compared to others’ weddings then that is a good sign. You want something unique and memorable.

3.Create a concept

Concept pre-nuptial, weddings and receptions are not a fad. They are a growing trend to give everyone a great time. Having a unique photo concept tied in to your rites, is something that you can talk with your digital photographer. It is a collaboration between the photographer and the couple, as well as with the bridal coordinator, reception venue, catering, etc. Having a central theme allows for great transition for the wedding pictures to tell a story.


Wedding pictures do not just happen. For some, it starts on the day of the wedding. For others, they have pre-nuptial wedding pictures. Today’s wedding photographers set the schedule for the wedding day and even before that. Every picture has a count and this includes everything from shoes, to watches, rings, glasses, doves, cakes, and a whole lot more. This is the photographer’s schedule.On top of that, there is also the pre-nuptial photo shoot schedule. These are the things that you will see the photographer do. Usually, it is only half of what he does, the other half being the scouting, planning, and double checking in preparation of the wedding. There is also the post processing which can take up to two weeks of work.

The photographer should explain the above schedule to the couple before taking on the job. This sets the expectations of both parties, and for them to understand the time constraints of the job.


One reason for great pictures is that the photographer understands the photo location. This is the reason why studio pictures are a lot better than location pictures. This is also the reason why some photographers take better pictures of given locations. They know the location and venue, and they plan accordingly. Pick a photographer who knows the wedding and reception venue.

A professional photographer is paid to be good. He also has the experience of taking a lot of pictures. Take advantage of his experience, and the above tips, when choosing your wedding photographer.