Everything You Need To Know About Aerobic Treatment System

Fresh insulation Birmingham AL Tank InstallationEvery day, every hour and every minute, our homes, schools and businesses use water and create sewage. Most of us make around 162 liters of sewage a day. Many homes nowadays rely on water treatment systems for their day-to-day activities. There are different types of water treatment plans, but the one that has got to our attention is the aerobic treatment system. This water treatment is quite similar to septic (anaerobic) treatment, however the aerobic treatment requires oxygen.

Aerobic treatment units, use a technique to inject and circulate air found in the treatment tank. This requires electricity to function properly. For this reason, aerobic treatment units are quite expensive to operate and require more routine maintenance as compared to most anaerobic systems.

How Aerobic System Works

The aerobic process is quite simple. Waste water moves from the plumbing fixtures into the drainage pipes just below your home. Water then moves to the main drain that is connected directly to your waste water system. This waste water will then flow into the (first) chamber. This is where it undergo settlement and digestion that is not meant to last for more than 24 hours. This is the ‘anaerobic’ part of treatment process. The settled waste water will then flow from the primary sceptic chamber into aerobic chamber (1), where air is pumped through into fine bubbles. This provides the distribution of turbulence and air required for treatment of the waste water.

Turbulence causes liquid to move in a circular motion through a medium, and this will encourage biomass growth. The biomass is filled with nutrients and oxygen from the water heading to reduction of impunities as the air goes through the system. The settled effluent water is then pumped into an irrigation chamber, where its held for irrigation. It’s then pumped out when the irrigation chamber is full, approximately 450 liters. This odorless, clean water will be reused for various uses, including irrigation.


Aerobic treatment system treats and disinfects waste water. If left unserviced or serviced improperly, it may become a health hazard and might harm your children or pets playing on the yard.  Fast Septic Services Birmingham AL is a leading septic tank servicing company and we thank them for sharing this information for our readers.  Please visit their site and feel free to call them with any additional questions!